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Standing Model in Interior / Reflection


Lieuwe Kingma: Standing Model in Interior / Reflection, 2014, acrylic / oil on canvas, 100 x 80 cm / 39.4 x 32.5 inches


Standing Model in Interior / Reflection, 2014

This recently finished painting “Model in Interior” is the latest in a series of variations on the theme Nude / Reflection. Next to other classical themes such as Landscape and Still Life, the Nude is one of my favourite themes.




My interest in the Nude goes back to the time when I attended the art school “Academie Minerva” in Groningen, The Netherlands. At that time this school provided an education still based on the Classical Academic tradition of working through direct observation, using live models (see two examples below).


Study in red chalk on tanned paper, 1982, 70 x 50 cm Study in oil on paper, 1983, 65 x 50 cm



I gain inspiration for the Nude from French painters like Matisse and Bonnard, and the Dutch painters Breitner, Israëls and Sluijters. The ‘figure in interior’ is a genre that goes back to the Dutch Seventeenth Century, and can be found in the works of Pieter de Hooch.



This painting is not a portrait, but instead a tribute to the female Nude. Since the model is

seen from the back and with her face turned away from the viewer, it gives her something

mysterious and leaves the beholder room for fantasy and interpretation. One might say that

there is a hint of voyeurism.


Lieuwe Kingma, Hilversum, Netherlands, November 2014


Study in ball point on paper, 4-6-2008, 30 x 21 cm Study in charcoal on paper, 26-6-2008, 65 x 50 cm
Study in conté, washed, 7-7-2008, 65 x 50 cm Study in acrylic on paper, 11-7-2008, 70 x 50 cm
Painting in progress, phase 28 August 2012 Detail painting, 9 October 2014


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Randolf Høivik

Hi, Lieuwe, long time no see! I enjoy your nudes, you have come a long way sine the one we have. Greetings to your family from Gunvor and Randolf.

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